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Naming the puppy


Coming up with a name for Eric's business was challenging.....because Eric couldn't contribute any ideas, due to his language limitations.

The business name needed to serve several purposes. It needed to convey to Eric that the business is all about him. It needed to continue to be relevant as the business grows and changes over the directions that we can't now foresee. And it needed to be short and catchy, so people would remember it.

After brainstorming for awhile, we came up with a list of five or six options for Eric to choose from. His choice was immediate, and he was right. EricMT was the best business name for all the purposes it needed to serve.

Eric's full name is Eric Matthew Timmerman. EricMT is often his user name when he logs in to online educational resources that we use for homeschooling.  It will stay relevant no matter what direction his business takes. It's short and catchy...and it looks great on our jewelry boxes.

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