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Our Story

EricMT is a collaboration between Eric and Heather Timmerman. Eric is a creative teenager with autism, and Heather is Eric's mom. Eric's dad, Joe, also helps out wherever needed. Eric loves to draw, and he loves to create colorful patterns on the computer. Heather combines his drawings and patterns to create fun designs for our prints. 

As a homeschooler, Eric enjoys the freedom to explore art on his own terms. He has also attended "Special Arts for Special Needs" classes at the St. Lawrence County Arts Council for the past four years.  An owl collage he made in art class one day was the inspiration behind our print designs. We create outlines from his drawings and substitute his colorful grid patterns for the collaged papers in his owl.    

Although Eric will always need to live at home, his career goal is to be an artist. His favorite artist is Romero Britto, whose work is the inspiration behind Eric's colorful patterns separated by thick black lines.

Eric also has enthusiastic life goals for international travel, with Egypt and Mexico topping the list of places he'd like to visit someday. For now, he enjoys traveling a little closer to home. We live in a small town in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, with plenty to see and do within a few hours' drive. All of the earnings from EricMT go into a travel fund for our excursions. We post about our art and other adventures on our EricMT Facebook page. We hope you'll stop by on Facebook and see what we're up to!